1419 The university of Rostock was founded.
1622 J. Jungius (professor of Mathematics) founded the first natural scientific society north of the Alps, the "Societas ereunetica sive zetetica".
1755-1778 W. J. G. Karsten was professor of Logic, Mathematics and Physics. He wrote eight-volumes about terms and definitions of the whole mathematics.
1830-1877 H. Karsten was another member of this family of scholars in Mecklenburg. He worked in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Geology and Astronomy.
1844 The building for the natural sciences was completed. This building is situated on the left of the main building of the university and is called the 'New Museum'. The Institute of Mathematics was housed in this building until summer 2009.
1879 Foundation of the Mathematical-Physical Department
1919 On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the University of Rostock Albert Einstein and Max Planck were awarded honorary doctorates.
1920 Formation of a separate Mathematical Department
1946 Reopening of the university
1968 3th university reform; Foundation of the 'Sektion Mathematik'
1989 New democratic beginning at the university
1990 First rector after German reunification was the mathematician Prof. Dr. G. Maeß.
1998 The mathematician Prof. Dr. G. Wildenhain became the second rector after German reunification.
2004 Renaming to 'Institute of Mathematics'
2009 In July the institute moved from 'New Museum' (Universitätsplatz) to Ulmenstraße 69, Building No. 3 (Campus Ulmenstraße).

Further Reading (in German)

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Engel
"Mathematik und Mathematiker an der Universität Rostock 1419 - 2004"
(Rostocker Mathematisches Kolloquium, Heft 60)