Contact, registration and submission


CITlab is a research group located at the Institute for Mathematics at the University of Rostock dealing with Machine Learning approaches especially for Document Processing. This involves tasks like Baseline Detection, Automated Text Recognition or Keyword Spotting.


To participate please send the following by e-mail to the organizers:

  1. Your name (if you are a group, then all members' names).
  2. Your affiliation.
  3. The task you want to take part in (simple track, complex track, both).


Partcipants should submit the following by e-mail to the organizers:

  1. The Page XML files of the corresponding test samples with the entered block ID's of the baselines (please do not change anything else in the files and not the file names of the provided test samples).
  2. A short description (one page) of their method (principles of operation and steps).
  3. (optionally) Access to the executables / systems of the candidate methods.

Afterwards, the submitted result files will be evaluated by the organizers with the evaluation measure.