Mathematisches Kolloquium 2018

  • Prof. Andrew Thomason (University of Cambridge)
    "Containers in combinatorics"
    Abstract: A hypergraph with vertex set, say, {1,2,...,n} is a collection of subsets of the vertex set of some fixed size - these subsets are called edges. For example, the subsets might be all triples that form an arithmetic progression. An independent set in the hypergraph is a subset of the vertices that contains no edge - in the example, it would be a set of integers containing no 3-AP. It has recently been discovered that the independent sets in any hypergraph must be structured in some way: they are all contained within one of a small collection of "independent-like" subsets. We shall discuss this discovery and its applications, with examples from arithmetic and from graph theory.
    24.01.2018, 15:15 Uhr, HS 228 (Ulmenstr. 69, Haus 3)
    Kolloquiumsleiter: Dr. rer. nat. habil. Peter Wagner
  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Pavel Drabek, Dr.Sc. (Westböhmische Universtität Pilsen)
    "Convergence to travelling waves in Fisher’s population genetics model with a non-Lipschitzian reaction term"
    15.01.2018, 17:00 Uhr, HS 228 (Ulmenstr. 69, Haus 3)
    Kolloquiumsleiter: Prof. Dr. Peter Takac, Ph.D.