Institute of Mathematics

Institute of Mathematics

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In R122 and HS125 we have set up online workstations ( Room occupancy table ). If you wish to reserve a room, then please call Mrs. Keuer (Tel. 6571) or send an e-mail to

For our students

... we have set up four computer workstations in room 123 (PC-Pool), observing the rules of distance.
On the website 'Current opening hours' you can find out at which times there are still vacancies. Please send an e-mail to Mrs. Keuer (gabriella.keuer(at) if you would like to reserve a workplace.

Institute of Mathematics

For thousands of years mathematicians have been developing structures and methods for understanding our world. Mathematics plays a central and indispensable role in modern technologies, economics and other sciences.

Key areas of research at our Institute include:
- Algorithmic and Discrete Mathematics
- Analysis
- Didactics of Mathematics
- Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
- Stochastics

Our Institute puts special emphasis on mathematical education and the support of junior scientists. We offer a bachelor degree course, master degree courses in mathematics and business mathematics, and teacher training courses for grammar schools, regional schools and special needs education.

We teach all students of the University of Rostock requiring mathematics in their fields. Furthermore, we support interested pupils by offering various courses and events.