Lehrstuhl Geometrie

All our software is free software. It may be used according to the GNU General Public License, respectively Apache License.


  • AUTHORS: Valentin Dannenberg, Robert Schüler
  • CONTENTS: a Python package for Polar Performance Diagrams
  • VERSION: 0.11.0
  • RELEASED: 31st March 2023
  • DOWNLOAD: papermanual, latest version


  • AUTHORS: Thomas Rehn, Achill Schürmann
  • CONTENTS: SymPol is a C++ tool to work with symmetric polyhedra. It helps to compute restricted automorphisms (parts of the linear symmetry group) of polyhedra and performs polyhedral description conversion up to a given or computed symmetry group.
  • VERSION: 0.1.8
  • RELEASED: 27th September 2012
  • DOWNLOAD: user's guide, manual, latest version


  • AUTHORS: Thomas Rehn
  • CONTENTS: A callable C++ library for permutation computations that currently supports set stabilizer, in-orbit computations and finding lexicographically least orbit elements, based on bases and strong generating sets (BSGS). It also features a very basic recognition of permutation group types.
  • VERSION: 0.2.8
  • RELEASED: 27th September 2012
  • DOWNLOAD: user's guide, latest version

scc (secondary cone cruiser)

  • AUTHORS: Alexey Garber, Achill Schürmann, Frank Vallentin
  • CONTENTS: SCC is a C++-implentation of Voronoi's reduction theory for positive definite quadratic forms which is based on the classification of Delone triangulations. In its newest version, the program can compute all Delone subdivisions up to dimension 5.
  • VERSION: 2.0
  • RELEASED: 21st April 2015
  • DOWNLOAD: user's guide, latest version

Other software by us can be found on our lattice geometry project page.